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  • Awesome Random Quiz
    [published: Aug 26, 2013, 5 comments]

    DANANANANA Batman and Flames to THE RESCUE!!!! DANANA BATMAN! hello and welcome.... have fun!!!! dont feel…

  • are you awesome?
    [published: Aug 1, 2013]

    No freakin body reads this... oh wait i occaisonlly do... this tells ya how awesome you really are... um hmm…

  • Are you a good mom
    [published: Jul 26, 2013, 3 comments]

    HEY pretty please dont take this silly test too serious, girls... OH AND SO YA'LL KNOW: I CALL AABSOLUTELY…

  • what kind of geek are you?
    [published: Jul 25, 2013]

    hi im new........ i like music BUT im an ex band geek infinity sign miss piggy ight lets get this…

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  • "these were all awesome BUT please dont use "swag" or "yolo"..... but i love your bullying poem very good... have u heard of "TeenInk" i…"

  • "this was pretty cool but my hair is full on red not auburn... but tht was the closest thing.... keep up the work and maybe check out my…"