Does that guy (special or not) like you?

This is aimed for girls in their teenage years. There are so many quizzes about this, but I tried to make it as accurate as possible. I am human though, so dont kill me if im wrong

Does he really like you? Or does he see you as mkre of a friend? Or maybe be does t kike u at a. Ins out with this quiz. Hopefullyyou will the answer youbwere hopeing for good luck

Created by: Zoe

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What kind of a relationship do you guys have right now?
  2. Does he go out of his way to talk to you or do something with you?
  3. When you guys talk, who usually starts the conversation?
  4. Do your friends like him or have a sudden interest in him?
  5. Do you guys have the same interests or hobbies?
  6. Does he smile or laugh a lot when he's around you?
  7. Has he ever offered to help you with something or extended some sort of invitation?
  8. Do you like his friends?
  9. What is his speech like around you?
  10. Does he tease you? (If the guy isnt really goofy or weird, choose the dot answer)
  11. Does he tease you? (If you already answered this choose the dots)
  12. Do you like him? (This doesnt count)
  13. Does he interrupt a lot when you are talking?
  14. How does he act when you are talking?
  15. Does he remember and notice little details about you?
  16. Does he ask a lot of questions during a conversation?
  17. Do u think he likes u? (Doesnt count)

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