Which of my characters are you?

Find out which of the characters in my developing novel that you are most like! Are you kind and introverted, wacky and easy going? Patient and a perfectionist? Generous as well as ridiculous? Find out here.

Which character are you? There are five characters, but only one fits you. So take this quiz, and have a look for yourself. Which character of mine fits you best? Find out here.

Created by: Rae
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  1. You would say your best personality trait is..?
  2. You would say your worst personality trait is..?
  3. Some of your hobbies are..?
  4. Your best friend dies. You..?
  5. Your goal in life is to..?
  6. To realize frustration, you..?
  7. If you were a word, you'd be..?
  8. Your greatest fear?
  9. You hate..?
  10. Your ultimate strength?

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Quiz topic: Which of my characters am I?