Do You Know The Gifted Made Characters? Sequel

You may have done well on the first gifted characters quiz(and if you haven't done it i suggest you do), though this one is different. Get prepared, and don't be surprised by failure, though i advise you pass.

The Characters have a right to be known, and just remember, just because i may be proud, doesn't mean they are. Note: Bonuses and unrelated questions are worth more

Created by: Xelav Lakoov
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  1. What was your score on the first gifted characters quiz?
  2. What part(s) of bokishmok did smiley chop off?
  3. How many legs does penelopede have?
  4. Where does sir plankton live?
  5. What's Monsieur mouth's brother's name?
  6. What's Da Feesh's brother's name?
  7. What does baby apple look like?
  8. What is Zeus?
  9. What happened to Molly on the last day of school before christmas break?
  10. Who is the good one?
  11. What did monsieur mouth give the poor man?
  12. What did the poor man give mosieur mouth?
  13. ______ penelopede
  14. Mr. Unicorn crashed into a...
  15. How did Smiley die?
  16. Da Feesh will...
  17. Bob is from...
  18. George the gay pickle's shoes are...
  19. BONUS: Who played the head chicken, in the chicken like pie skit, after bob died?
  20. BONUS 2: Who played the cows in the chicken like pie skit?
  21. UNRELATED QUESTION: What happened when Morgan dropped her skittles?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know The Gifted Made Characters? Sequel