Are You Gifted?

There are many wise people in this world, many of them practical too, but here is 'wise' in a whole new dimension. Are you gifted? Do you have signs of being smarter than people without being better? Gifted people are different. Find out if you are in my quiz.

Are YOU a gifted person? Are YOU different from the average? Many people go through IQ test to have this found out, but you can get a simple average that is likely to be correct in a couple of minutes!

Created by: Jadine Smithye
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  1. Do you automatically know answers to things that you overhear?
  2. Do you manage awesome grades even though you don't try?
  3. Can you solve the hardest things but can't solve easy, 1 +1 material?
  4. Do you have some form of Alzheimers, you remember stuff from the dinosaur age but not what you wore yesterday?
  5. Can you solve puzzles of every kind, from jigsaw to a million piece wall maps?
  6. What is your average report card grade?
  7. Where is your dream home in the future?
  8. Do you think you are gifted?
  9. Are you a teachers pet?
  10. What is your dream job?

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