Gifted Characters

There are many gifted Characters living around you, you must know them, everything about them, or they shall be very disapointed. See if you truly know what gifties mind's can create.

This Quiz holds simple questions of who they are, and what they do, say or think. Do YOU have what it takes? Well, Do You? ... Oh, nevermind. I advise you to do well.

Created by: Xelav Lakoov
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  1. What Will Baby Apple do?
  2. When Will Da Feesh Kill Us?
  3. What is Molly's true Gender?
  4. King Elmo...
  5. Who Helps Da Feesh?
  6. Alessadnro's lines are...
  7. George The ______ Pickle
  8. Where is Da Ghost?
  9. Mr. Unicorn is...
  10. Who agreed with monsieur mouth when he said he was a real boy?
  11. Pinoccio likes to...
  12. Who Created Mr. Unicorn
  13. COMPLETELY UNRELATED QUESTION: Who is the lead singer of the beatles?

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