Are You A Gergana Or A James

There are some healthy relationships, and there are some unhealthy ones. James and Gergana are not even on the list. Gergana is a controlling, scary, yet decievingly nice person. James is a spineless oaf who can't even get his own testacles back.

How healthy is your relationship? Is it a regular even control partnership, or is it a hopeless dictatorship? Are you controlling and mean, or are you a total panzee?Are you a Gergana, or are you a James.

Created by: george & amgad
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  1. Are You A Control Freak
  2. Have You Been In A Abusive Relationship?
  3. If So Were You The Abusive One?
  4. Do Your Friends Say Your Whipped?
  5. Do You Have To Ask Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend To Go Out With Friends?
  6. Are You Afraid Of Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
  7. Does Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Do What You Want?
  8. Are You From/Want Be From Eastern Europe?
  9. Have You Lost Your Manhood/Womanhood?
  10. Has Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Ever Made You Drive A Long Distance To Buy Him/Her a Diet Coke?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Gergana Or A James