Are you obsessed with James Dean are you?

do you love James Dean?do you love him too much?if you think about James Dean all the time like I do then you should take this quiz.if you think that you might know a little too much then take this quiz and find out.

this is all about how much with James Dean.if you think that you know all there is to know about him then take this quiz and prove it, because there is no way you can know too much about such a great man and his life.

Created by: naley4eva23
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  1. when was he born?
  2. what was the first film he was the main character in?
  3. out of these people who did James go out with?
  4. what was his favorite book?
  5. what was his father's name?
  6. what car did james have when he died?
  7. which one of these lines are from rebel without a cause?
  8. which one of these is a james dean quote?
  9. what happened on the 14 july?
  10. what happened on the 14 july?

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Quiz topic: Am I obsessed with James Dean am I?