(a story) love ends

Ok you might not get the point of this I don't!!!! I am just getting stared!!!!!! Ok! Do their is Zach and Collin so far!!!!! Collin tough! Zach sweet!!!!

Ok you have a weird dream! And meet a nice, kind and sweet voice but who's voice is it???

Created by: blood girl 05

  1. "Where am I?". You say aloud. The last thing you saw was a bright light swiping around you. " Dose it matter where you are? Along as you are safe?" said a soft voice. "Er..." you start scared. "don't worry! I won't hurt you" The voice says. "Oh...when where am I?" you say still trying to figure out what happened. "As I said dose it matter? Along that you are safe!" the voice says back. Not going down with out a fight. "Yes I dose" you shoot back. The voice stops and walks out of the dark.
  2. He has brown hair and a little tip of blond at the end. He is tan. Tall and look strong but kind at the same time. "Zach my name. And yours?" he asked. "----" you say back. He smiles "Nice name". You thank him. Then he shows you too a little camp.
  3. "Me and my friend Collin. Set up this camp" Zach said "cool" you say. When a figure steps out of one of the tents. He has back hair and he a little paler than Zach. You about 1cm smaller than Zach. "Hi" he mumbles "Hi" you say back trying to be happy. " He dose not talk much" Zach said to you. "I guessed" you say looking at Collin.
  4. (in 5 I mention you about 1cm smaller than Zach. When I said you I meant he was.) Collin went back in the tent. "Wait" Zach said to him "we have got to do the hat!" Collin stopped "Fine" he said. "What hat?" you say butting in. "Who you will sleep with" Zach said trying to hold back a smile. "What about you 2 just share and a get one to my self?" you suggest. They give you a stare "Fine!!! Ok!! Do the hat!"
  5. (If you picked Zach out.) he smiled as you say his name. Collin look pretty ticked. For some reason! You walk in and fall asleep. But he wakes you up. "sorry I didn't mean to wake you!" He say it 2 times "its fine" you didn't want him to feel bad. You 2 talk about well how Zach came here. When you fall asleep you dream of a guy running to you yelling hide. When you wake you find that your laying on Zach arm and his other arm is on top of you back. Cuddling you. Then you go out of the tent.
  6. (if you picked Collin) He dose not smile but when he turns his back to you. You know he is smiling. Because Zach is looking verry Ticked right now!!! You walk in with him. You 2 talk about how he came here. When you sleep you dream of a guy running to you. Yelling hide. When you wake you see Collin on the other side of the tent. No where near you. Then you walk out.
  7. (if you said own tent) I didn't happen
  8. He guy you picked walked out. And Got some food. By you fixed you hair. "Its done" the guys call. You look at it (the food) Then Zach laughs "don't worry! It won't kill you" you laugh along too Collin you dose a little smile.
  9. "are you ok Collin?" you ask. Before he can say anything Zach butted in "Yes! He's fine. Always like this! right Collin?" He nodded. "Ok" you say acting dumb!!!!
  10. A voice says "Do you really think she that dumb??" it asks. The guys shake their heads. "Then don't treat her like she is dumb ok" the voice say sticking up for you. "Who are you?" Collin says. Than the voice steps out of the shadows... (ok see ya)

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