Story endings. Which one will be yours?

There are many story book endings. What is a story book ending? A Fairy Tale, where the ending isn't always the happiest as possible. There are happy ends, and sad. Every person has a defferent destimned end.

Will you have a happy ending? Because if you don't then your life will seem unfortuante and unlucky. But if it's happy then you'll assume that you are lucky and fortuante. And for the record, this will be one of a series. I'm pretty sure I'll make more. Leave a message in my comments telling me that you either want me to make another or you don't. Don't forget to rate! ANd by the way AGAIN, if you're a guy, substitute the words "he" for "she", and so on...

Created by: Hayley Williams
  1. You are sent on a mission with--guess who-- him. and how do you react?
  2. You're on your trip to the villians lair and he trips and is barely hanging on to a cracking branch on the side of a mountain with lots of sharp rocks beneath. What do you do?
  3. You're almost there. You trip and fall and sprain your ankle. How do you act when he trys to help?
  4. Now you ankle is REALLY killing you. What to you do when he tries to carry you baby style?
  5. A giant Bird, like a pteridactyl, swoops down and grabs you and carries you away towards the villians lair. HE tries to save you, but he can't. What do you scream to him when he screams that he promises he'll save you?
  6. You're tied up to a chair that is slowly sinking lower and lower towards a pit of lava. The villian is setting up a bomb that will blow up his lair so there will br no trace left of him. Then HE runs in and jumps so far, that he lands on the back of th chair you're tied up to. He unties you, and you almost fall, but he grans yur hand. so you're both dangling there, about to fall when he whistles and another pteredactyl swoops in and carries you both to safety. What do you say to him when you're safle on the ground?
  7. The villian sees you and snaps his fingers; tons of guards come and attack. You easily block and defend yourself when you see in the corner of your eye that another guy is about to attack HIM from behind; what do you do?
  8. You've fought off all the guards. All that's left is to de-activate the bomb. You're about to cut the wire, but you're not fast enough. the building explodes and you and _____ go flying backwards. You get knocked unconcious for a couple minutes, but when you wake up all you see is smoke and-- guess-- blood. when you can't find the source of it, you see it flowing from HIS head. what do you do?
  9. When he doesn't appear to move at all, What do you do?
  10. You're about to find a shard of glass to commit suicide (unless you're already gone) when you see his eyes flutter open. He smiles and kisses you; what do you do?
  11. He's starting to lose conciousness again when he mumbles his lasy words: "Get out of here. Get help. Stay alive. I love you." What do you do?
  12. Well, it's the end of this quiz. How do you feel?

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Quiz topic: Story endings. Which one will be mys?