Runaway love drama 2

Hello! This is a sequel to my first quiz! Hope you enjoy it! But first, I'd like to tell you that this is a story I'm writing and I'm wondering who the main character should fall in love with so I did a quiz on it to get the public's opinion, so please be honest!

This story is basically that it is in the future and the government has taken over the U.S without the people knowing? How did this happen? You don't know! But you're parents left you and you are now in a group of Runaways, the "leader" of this group has many enemies which you don't know of yet! So the plot will get more fast-paced but the first one is just the introduction to the story!

Created by: attamae
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  1. Once Kyle was done giving you a tour of the mansion you decide to take a nap. When you wake up you feel very hungry and thirsty and you get up and walk out of your room. After walking a little you see someone ahead he has brown hair and when he turns to see who it is you can see his dark brown eyes in the dim hallway light. "Oh, hello, you must be ________, pleased to meet you I'm Aden." He smiled at you kindly, "Kyle didn't say anything about how cute you were." (What do you think of Aden?)
  2. Before you can say or do anything something then hits Aden on the back of the head and you see a boy with brown hair and silvery blue eyes that caught the light in a breath taking way, "Brother, knock it off, I don't need you flirting with every new girl that comes along. Pleased to meet you _______, sorry about my brother, he can be rude sometimes, I'm Tyler." (What do you think of Tyler? Or say to him?)
  3. "What's all this commotion?" A guy with black hair and dark green eyes came down from the hallway examining everyone. He had a sword in a sheath on his belt and was dressed completely in black "Oh, hi Night, are you going to dinner?" Aden asked. "Of course." Night said but kept walking until he was out of sight "He never talks much, so don't take offense if he doesn't answer you with a huge speech." Tyler informed you, "Anyway, would you like to go to dinner?"
  4. Sense you are extremely hungry and have forgotten where in the world the dinning room is you agree to go with him when you get to the dinning room there is a huge table with trays of food that almost made your mouth water, there was plates, silverware and the works. Already sitting around the table was Chase, Kyle and Night already eating and some other people you haven't meet. There are also females here. There are five other woman. Two of them have red hair and green eyes but three of them don't, one has black hair and black eyes in the light while another girl has yellow hair and big blue eyes while the third girl has white hair and red eyes. They are all quite beautiful though. (what's going through your head?/What do you do?)
  5. You take a random seat between two girls while Aden and Tyler sit down too in the only available seats left. You start piling up you plate with food "Hi, I'm Kaily." a girl with red hair and almost aqua green eyes said, "You're _______, right? Sorry if I didn't pronounce your name right, I'm horrible with names." Kaily was on the right of you while the girl on the right of you was just staring at you with those bright red eyes.
  6. You say hello to Kaily and ask the girl with red eyes why she's staring at you? Because, it's kind of creeping you out. But she doesn't even blink when you ask her the question and she continues to stare. "Oh, her name's Snow, she doesn't talk much and she doesn't like strangers, it's okay Snow, ______'s not going to hurt us, are you ______?" You shake your head 'no' "I'd never do that." You say, whether you mean it or not. You eat your food while Kaily tells you the names of everybody. The girl with yellow hair and big bright blue eyes who was undoubtedly the most beautiful girl there is called Jamie, although that wasn't her birth name, she absolutely hates strangers and will most likely try and probably succeed to make your like miserable. The girl with black hair and eyes was called Nicky, she was a tom boy and the weapons expert of the group, probably someone you shouldn't mess with, but she's nice enough. Lastly was Sarah, she had dark red hair and olive green eyes. She was good at gambling, so don't play poker with her. So know you know everyone...or do you? *plays dramatic music* anyway, after introducing everybody at the table and you bursting from all the food you ate you think of a question, but first, what do you think of Kyle?
  7. Okay, you turn to Kaily and ask the following, "If you guys are runaways then how can you afford all this food and stuff?" good question right? but at you question everybody except Kyle and you glares at Chase angrily, Chase doesn't seem to notice and continues eating. "Chase, what is the meaning of this, does she know anything at all?" Kaily asked angrily. "Seriously Chase, I wouldn't even do something like this to her!" The girl called Jamie said and continued, "I didn't think you would do such a thing." Chase seemed to realized that everybody was looking at him now and listened silently, his face seeming to be caved from stone.
  8. Before you can say anything Night says something, "Chase, will you please explain your reasoning?" The whole table was dead silent, waiting for an answer that they all seemed to know, "I didn't have any reasoning, none what so ever." Sarcasm was thick in Chase's voice, "Now, if you would all stop questioning me, I'll be going now." He stood up and left. "What in the world just happened?" You asked, the whole table then turned their attention to you, all with sympathy in their eyes as if you where going to die soon and only they knew if, it wasn't a pleasant feeling. "Oh, ______ you must know that none of us want you to be in this situation, right? I mean, I didn't think that Chase would just pick you up off the streets without telling you anything about us at all."
  9. "What are you talking about?" You asked, "Chase didn't even get me off the streets! What is going on?" Kaily looked at you, "What do you mean, he didn't get you off the streets, how else could you find your way here?" Kaily asked confused. "I showed her." Kyle said seeming to be very interested in his empty plate. "You? Well that explains so much, why didn't you say so earlier, no, never mind, tell me later, I will answer ______'s question's, she needs answers. Kaily turned back to you, "The short version is that we're criminals." You stared at all of them "Oh, blunt much?" Nicky asked, "Yes, that's the short version, how about a longer one! You see we're hired by different people and organizations to steal and smuggle things to them, we don't steal weapons or anything that's dangerous like that. I remember once we stole from a chocolate factory even. It doesn't hurt anybody and we get food. And the government is corrupt, as always."
  10. "Your missing something." Night said, "Chaos." Everyone was silent with dark expressions. "Oh yes, I forgot about him. We don't know his real name, but he calls himself Chaos and he and the government work hand in hand and he hates us, all of us, and anybody who's been in this house who isn't working for him. He kills them if he can. Usually though, he can't, he can't find this place, but he sees all who come with us." So pretty much you can't leave or this Chaos character will torture you to death, isn't that pleasant? :D
  11. "I remember the first girl who died ever after joining us, you shared her name, ______ and you look like her too, she didn't want to be a part of this place so she left for an orphanage...she was killed, executed by the government. don't go back out on the streets ______, promise us that, okay?" Kaily asked, almost pleading. You nod, why would you want to be killed? "Thank you, anyway we are going to go and steal tomorrow, you can tag along, it will be good for you." You don't see how that is but you agree to go, after all it's not like your selling bombs to another state or anything. After finding your room you fall fast asleep. Who are you falling for?
  12. Okay, the result for each character is just a bunch of letters, curse this site! It was because I didn't know how far the thing would go so I thought I could edit it, but no, apparently not *sigh* if you want to know the word result, email me at istra1994 and it's yahoo okay? I'll give you your results then just Email me with the person you got and I'll give you the description! how did you like the quiz?

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