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Hey guys I need a vote for the yule Ball which is in part 18! But I need this info for a scene in part 17! Thanks guys! So comment or email me at brisingr@live(.) without the parenthesis to vote!

'Out in the crowd, it's the middle of the night. Everybody's looking at you. Familiar faces but nothing seems to phase me. It's all about me and you. Yeah, the night is still young. We gotta have some fun. We'll leave it all behind now. I'm not saying I'm mister right. But leave without a fight. I gotta make a move somehow. Cause I don't wanna waste tonight.'

Created by: Bluebird
  1. Hey guys this is a vote for the Yule Ball dress colour, shoe style and hairstyle. I need to know what you guys would like best so I can continue with the buying the dress scene. I also need shoe colour as well so I can do that too. I need to do it before I put out the next quiz which is in production at the moment. But I'm stuck at the like second question because I need to know what Yule Ball gown to put in there. Even though the next one is not the Yule Ball.
  2. Ok so let's get on with the voting...
  3. So first colours of the dress. I don't want to go with a lot of normal colours. I want to jazz it up a bit. So there won't be pink or orange or a lot of that stuff. I might do a different version of the colour that has a different name. And I might have to do this again if the votes are too scattered. I'm going with the highest vote.
  4. We have rose, scarlet, silver, gold, lilac, periwinkle, aqua, teal, steel, fuchsia, violet, indigo, emerald, island blue, tangerine, white, black, magenta and multi coloured.
  5. Now onto shoes, first the types.
  6. We have high heels, pumps, sandals, platforms, wedges, mules, slingbacks and ballet flats.
  7. Now onto colours. There's a lot that goes into the production of the Yule Ball so bear with me here.
  8. We have red, black, silver, gold, teal, purple, magenta, blue, green, emerald and fuchsia.
  9. And lastly any accessories which you can vote on more than one.
  10. Your mother's hair clip is a must so that doesn't need a vote. We have Fred's charm bracelet that he gave you, The necklace that Luke got you, The earrings from your little sister, The tiara from your father, The ring that Matt gave you, The necklace that you're first boyfriend, Troy, got you, The earrings that your first best friend, Delilah, gave you (She might appear in the story soon or at least get a mention), The bracelet that Fleur gave you, The ring that you got at your primary school graduation from someone that will not be named at this point in time and/or the necklace that you found mysteriously by your pillow the night your first step dad disappeared.
  11. Hair styles! I almost forgot! Just bear with me here ok!
  12. We have the bridal updo, the elegant bun, beach waves, elegant curls, layered hair, angled bob, ponytail and a sort of long wedding hairstyle.
  13. Ok that's the end of it. To vote please comment since I can't tell if you don't, or email me at brisingr@live(.) without the parenthesis. If you don't contact me or comment you don't get a say. The voting poles are open until the 13th of June.
  14. The Yule Ball will be part 18 since that is my lucky number and I need all the luck I can get. So part 17 will be a Hogsmeade visit to get the dress and sort out some stuff before the Yule Ball. I hope you enjoy Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place...

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