Hogwarts Love Story Pt 42

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I know you're all wondering "When are we going to get our memory back?" Well, I don't know when but maybe this release can help you find your answers!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year? Created

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  1. It's Summer Time! And that means more writing for moi! Okay, to kick off my return, we got some music because who doesn't love music? Play this song for 10-13! Here is the song /watch?v=TdN5GyTl8K0
  2. "You're awake!" The voice said. You were in a familiar place, the Hospital Wing. However, it felt quieter and calmer; when you sat up right you only saw Reese. A pain hit your head as you sat up and you immediately drew your hands to your head. "Careful there," He said as he lightly touched your arms "You gave Neville quite a scare." You blinked once and took everything in "Neville...where's Neville!?" You asked Reese who was sitting on the stool beside you, he scratched his head and smiled "He ran down to Malfoy a while ago, if you weren't unconscious you should have seen him. There I was, making my way to the Gryffindor common room, when I see Neville running my way with you in his arms." He said as he used his hands for more emphasis, you visualized what Reese had to say and wrapped your arms around you. "Believe me; I was shocked at first, so I joined him. Madam Pomfrey got Professor Snape and Professor Dumbledore; they were mumbling and kept me and Neville on the side, till they turned around and told us that you'd be fine. They didn't say much more but I heard Professor Dumbledore mentioned Malfoy and then Neville quickly went off. I'm guessing it had to do with the potion."
  3. You groaned as you rubbed the bridge of your eyes and slowly putting your arms down, Reese were quiet but watching you very carefully, “It happened again…” you said. He gave a puzzled look “What are you talking about?” You turned your head and gave a laugh, “Seriously? Knowing you, you would have read my mind and found the answer out on your own.” He gave a laugh but it was a subtle laugh “I don’t have permission unless it’s necessary.” You gave a soft smile knowing Reese was more considerate and restricted. Just then, Professor Snape and Professor Dumbledore walked in with great speed but slowed down once they saw you were sitting up. "Miss ____, you have us quite a scare." Professor Dumbledore said with great concern. You gave an awkward smile, only to be scowled by Professor Snape's glare. "I'm sorry, Professor." You turned your head down. "That must be quite a memory you had." Professor Dumbledore added only to Reese’s and Professor Snape’s confusion. Professor Dumbledore felt how uncomfortable you were as he mentioned the memory and the eyes on you. He glanced over to Professor Snape and Reese “Mister Parker, Professor Snape, would you both be so kind and give us a minute to discuss? Perhaps, Professor Snape, make sure the final preparations have been taken place.”
  4. Reese gave you a look but you gave a smile to show everything will be fine. Professor Snape scurried away and waited till Reese was beyond the door before closing it shut. Professor Dumbledore turned back towards you gleaming through his half-moon spectacles, you looked away from Professor Dumbledore; the memory was still clear as day. Once long ago, that was a happy family, was nothing more than a mere memory; another toy collecting dust, forgotten. “Family, such a wonderful, powerful and mysterious bond, isn’t it?” Professor Dumbledore blurted out and walked to the edge of your bed. “Mysterious, Professor?” You echoed, he grinned and looked down. “Would you not agree that if you were to meet someone who caused you such pain, that you would no longer associate with them? But with family, you cannot produce that same feeling?” You were hesitant but to a point, you disagreed, after all, there was still Ambrosia and with the knowledge that you hated her, there was something more that drew you closer to her. “Yes but Professor, Ambrosia…” But before you continued, you considered the past and connected it to the future. Ambrosia is your sister. Step-sister. Regardless, she’s family; it’s a mysterious how faith works. “Yes, Miss Delrima. She is, as I recall from the files, your step-sister.” You looked at Professor Dumbledore, “I never asked her to be my sister.” “Nor did she ask you to be hers.”
  5. "We cannot change our memories, but we can change the meaning and power they have on us." Professor Dumbledore recited his advice from before. You brought your knees to your chest and nodded but you questioned how you can change the meaning of what you saw into something else, something…positive. Professor Dumbledore began to walk to the door but stopped, “Miss _______, if you ever get the chance, please bring Mister Potter to his senses, he has been,” Professor Dumbledore hesitated as he looked to the ground and tried to find his words. “Hallucinating, so I should say, you have an effect on Mister Potter that I do not understand.” You stared at Professor Dumbledore and nodded but it was hard knowing that since your memory, “Oh, and one more thing. It seems Mister Malfoy made impeccable time with the potion. Two days, it took him. Brilliant Lad, that boy.” A smile filled your face and you were eager to get out of bed but Professor Dumbledore raised a slow hand and laughed. “You might want to settle your emotions, we don’t want another attack. ” “Yes, Professor.” You said as you changed the pace of your speed.
  6. You walked down to the Dungeon with an eager face; you reached the wooden door and took a breath before entering. As you entered, you saw all your friends; Luna, Hermione, JJ, Ebony, Reese, Neville, Harry, Ron, the Twins, Cedric, Oliver and Draco standing around the table. Professor Snape was far in the back with a disgusted face for all the non-Slytherins’ in his classroom. “Hey guys.” You smiled and said softly, they smiled and you noticed Oliver’s was a soft smile. Now that you’re getting your memory back, he’ll never know if the feelings you have for him are strong or not. You looked at Draco, he was hiding something, there was something he was trying to do and it involved you but you really couldn’t figure out what that was yet. And finally, something was going on with Harry, you didn’t know what but you had to prevent it. Draco was holding out a cup that had a bubbling substance in it, you grabbed it and a pungent smell filled your nose. You felt faint but you snapped out of it, you put on a brave face and heard George yell out “Go on! Pretend its Pumpkin Juice!” He yelled out which caused everyone to chuckle, everyone except Draco. You brought the cup to your lips and pinched your nose, the liquid ran down your throat, warm and slimy; it tasted like milk that has been out in the sun for 48 hours. Once it was all in your mouth, it filled your cheeks as you closed your mouth, you fought the need to vomit and grabbed the closest thing near your for balance as you painfully ingested the potion. During the process, your vision was fading, your head was spinning and voices filled your head. You knew this feeling, the feeling of fainting.
  7. What felt like a second was actually a few, you opened your eyes to have everyone hovering around you. “_______?” Ebony said first and you blinked as you brought your head up and rested on your elbows. “Did it work?” Ron asked but no one could answer that question except you. “_______?” Oliver repeated and then it all came back to you, you were hit by a bludger, in the hospital wing, Reese knew Legilimency and Occlumency, your flashback with your parents, Oliver being unsure about you, Dumbledore’s warning about Harry and then…no, that was it. That’s all you could recall. Draco was cleaning up the station, his job was done. “Reese?” You spoke in your head and you watched as his eyes widen and not a word escaping his lips. “You remember?” He returned and you nodded. “Sorry for that, next time, I’ll fly with my eyes open.” You laughed uneasy and everyone left out a sigh of relief and laughed along. “Who says you’re ever flying again?” Hermione said sternly in between laughs. You made a face and Oliver extended his hand and helped you up. You immediately flew your arms around Oliver and later to everyone, you took one last look at Oliver “You know, it kind of hurts that you would doubt me.” You said a little upset but he nodded and gave an apologetic smile. Before you could thank Draco, he was gone.
  8. It was a small reunion but even though you’ve been physically there all that time, everyone felt as if you’ve been gone forever. They caught up with you even though you were there for all those moments, even ones people didn’t know you were even listening. “You know?” Oliver said now that you two were finally alone in the Courtyard, everyone had gone their separate ways but Oliver had to pull you away to talk. “I heard when I was with Neville, I saw you and Robbie,” It was quiet between the both of you as you sat on a cobblestone bench. “You know, sometimes he’s right.” You added. Oliver turned his head towards you with his hair blowing in the wind. “In what way?” “That it’s been three years. No matter how much we say goodbye, we’re always going to come back to this.” “This?” He questioned and you looked at him with a face showing that he knew exactly what you were talking about. He turned away and looked up to the sky. “I don’t think we should say good-bye,” You said as the wind carried your words “because you should only say good-bye if you know, you’re never going to see the person ever again.”
  9. “I know you’re always going to be there for me, and you want the best for me but you’re so selfless.” You explained. Oliver didn’t move an inch to your words; he continued to stare into the sky with the light beaming down on his eyes. “We both need to do things on our own and when I need you, I’ll come to you. It’s better for me knowing you’re happy playing Quidditch rather than moping around, constantly worried about me. I’m not a child anymore.” You said as you watch blades of grass peering through the cracks of the stone. “I can take care of myself.”
  10. “You found your wings already?” He asked and his words made your heart skip a beat. You didn’t look at him and you felt a smile form across your lips. “You know I’m still not quite used to the whole “Angel” name, I really don’t know why you would-” Your words were interrupted when your head was quickly turned towards Oliver and a warm pressure danced on your lips, a warm air escaped from his nostrils. His hand rested on your chin as his other hand ran down the side of your head, his fingers entangled in your hair. When you wanted to pull away, a sensation told you to hold on, you placed your hand around his neck before slowly pulling away and looking into his chocolate brown eyes. No words were spoken because the look in Oliver’s eyes and his actions was enough for him to say “I won’t give up.” His lips twitch as if he was about to say something but he smiled and placed a kiss on your forehead. “I won’t go another day with you.” He mumbled in your hair. You let Oliver’s words caress you, you laughed and nodded. “I know.”
  11. Oliver left that following day, he talked to everyone, even to Cedric who he eventually made up with. When it came to Draco, they took a moment before Oliver left on the train. Draco hesitated with his response to Oliver when they walked away to talk privately. His last words to you were to be careful and whatever you’re getting yourself into. He gave one last tender embrace for he entered the train, Robbie came up after Oliver and gave an awkward wave, and you laughed and smiled and gave him a friendly wave. The train wailed as smoke shot up into the sky, it started to move and from the window Oliver smiled and waved but not did say good-bye because he knows, this is wasn’t forever.
  12. As everyone was returning back to the castle, things were on their way to returning back to normal but there were important matters to attend to. You caught up to Harry who was walking and laughing with Ron, you placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder that made him turned around and smiled and told Ron he’ll catch up. “What’s up?” He smiled as he turned around, so you both can walk side by side. “I was just wondering, do we still…you know…” You trailed off the sentence, he looked at you with confusion as he crushed twigs as he walked “Do we still?” He repeated with a raise of an eyebrow. “Do we still practice?” He let out a sound and caught on what you were hinting at, he turned around to face you as he stopped in his tracks. “We do.” He leaned in close to your ear “We’re practicing again tonight, same place. Try not to get caught now that the Inquisitorial Squad is on our tail.” He smiled and he pulled away. He began to walk and laughed “You got a lot of catching up to do, don’t expect us to go on easy on you.” You rolled your eyes and laughed as you followed behind him “Wouldn’t dream of it.”
  13. Guess who’s back? Me! Haha! I think you already noticed. Well, it’s time to get back to writing and after being on hiatus; I found all my notes and realized I REALLY need to speed things along. So, hopefully within the next few parts, year 5 will be over. In other news, if you haven’t heard, I’m hosting two contest; one for Hunger Games which is a Character Contest and the other for One Direction Love Story which is a story creation contest. You can read more details on the quiz labeled “An announcement from natuhleegayle.” You can submit your entries by email or go to the literature forum and find the thread “Two Contest” and submit your entry there! Well, that’s about it! Thanks guys! Time to work on Part 43! Toodles! Stay magical! X
  14. Before I forget, let's wish the wonderful, fantastic, amazing, beautiful, stupendous, phenomenal writer @Calypso1315! It's her birthday! She has an amazing story and she's the most amazing girl to be friends with! Def. check out her stories and when you get the chance be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday! x

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