A Simple Hogwarts Story Pt 3

Why, hello there. It would be nice of you to take my quiz because i'm now getting into the mood. My username is Harry_PotterFan but i have another account which is Aria.

Do you think you will get the guy of your dreams? I certainly hope you will. The results include: Oliver Wood, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Seamus Finnigan

Created by: Harry_PotterFan
  1. When you woke up the next morning, you were feeling extremely stressed and confused. After a minute of thinking, the memory of Harry kissing you came back to your mind. You:
  2. The events of last night was on your mind throughout the day, whether bad or good. You decided to go see Draco so you got dressed and went down to the common room where Ron stopped you and said, "__________ is everything okay between you and -----?" and he pointed to where Harry was sitting and looked back at you. You replied, "I'm fine. Why would you ask such a thing?" and not waiting for a reply, you exited through the portrait hole and into the Great Hall for breakfast. After breakfast, you bumped into a curly haired girl. She said, "Oh sorry. Hi my name is Luna Lovegood." You replied, " Hi Luna. My name is _________." "I know who you are. You're Neville's friend. Well, I've got to go to the owlery. Bye." "Bye Luna." Luna had a dreamy voice that made you think a seven year old was speaking. Your thoughts:
  3. When you entered the hospital wing, Draco had a broad smile over his face. He said, "Good Morning Sunshine." You looked at him and replied, "Oh good morning. Why are you so happy?" "Oh its just that i was thinking that you would come to see me and it brought a brilliant smile over my face. It's really nice having company." "Okayy then Draco. So, whatcha up to?" "Just thinking that i can't wait to get out of here." "Yeah, that'll be great." "Oh ____________, i have something to tell you." You looked at him and hesitated. You really didn't want him to know about last night with Harry. You asked, "Wh-what?" "Oh nothing big. It's just that i heard Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff talking about how much he likes you. He's a fourth year and i'm still not surprised that many boys like you." "Draco, stop kidding around. That boy whoever he is doesn't like me because he doesn't even know me." "Yes he does. He was talking right outseide this door and i heard him." You looked at him and said, "I still don't believe you but o well." You think:
  4. Your thoughts were interrupted by the opening of the hospital wing door. It was predictably Pansy Parkinson followed by two boys. When she saw you, she said to Crabbe and Goyle, "Well boys, look what the cat dragged in." The both of them snorted loudly and she covered her nose as though trying not to smell something bad. Draco gave them a disgusted look and you said, "Well i could see what the cat dragged in. It was you and you stink like fish." Draco smiled when you said that and Pansy flushed. He turned to them and said, "Why are you here?" Goyle answered, "Gryfindoor Quidditch Team is having their practice today." "And?" "Well we thought you just ought to know." Draco gestured a hand towards the door and said, "Bye." At that same time, Madam Pomfrey came to Draco with his breakfast and told you, Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle that you have to go for class.Before you all left, Draco bent and gave you a kiss on the forehead. Pansy stalked off slamming the door behind her and Crabbe and Goyle tried their best to catch up to her. When you left, you:
  5. You went to the common room, getting your books out for Potions, not wanting to go because you knew that Professor Snape would be in an extremely bad mood. The news about how Neville's boggart, which was Professor Snape, turned into Snape wearing Nevile's grandmother's clothes ran through the school like wildfire and whenever someone mentioned Professor Lupin's name in front of Professor Snape, his eyes flashed menacingly. Porions was the worst. After class, when bell rang, you and Hermmione were the only two in class. She stopped you as you were about to leave and said harshly, "_________ i know what you did." You decided to act clueless even though you knew what she was talking about so you replied, "What are you talking about Hermione?" She looked at you with one eyebrow raised and said, "How could you?How could you do that to him?" You were thinking:
  6. She said again when you didn't answer, "How could you do that to him?" You hesitated but didn't want to say anything so you just stood there. She stiffened her voice and her look became more dangerous, "__________, why did you hurt my best friend? How could you?!! You took advantage of him because he really likes you!" "Hermione, watch this. Harry doesn't REALLY like me. I'm just a test and---" Before you could finish what you wanted to say she said, "Of course he likes you! It's always been you since First Year he talks about even though you didn't knew him then. He knew you and he hoped that you would recognice him. Why the hell he would kiss you if you didn't?!" The last few words struck you like lightning. You said, on the verge of ready-to-cry, "Hermione, the kiss didn't mean anything, i'm sure it didn't." She scoffed and looked at you, "It didn't mean anything to you of course. you truly did break his heart. You little---" You were in tears when she was about to finished and you yelled, "ENOUGH! Just shut up! You do not know anything about me. You can't just go around judging people!" She didn't care what you said and she came towards you and said through gritted teeth, "Stay away from Harry, you pathetic girl." With that, she left you, standing there in tears in your eyes. When you were walking, you bumped into Oliver. Your thoughts:
  7. You wiped away your tears from your eyes and said, "Sorry," quietly. As you turned to go, Oliver said, "_________, are you alright?" in his scottish accent. You tried to smiled and said, "Yeah," but this obviously wasn't working because you burst out in more tears. He seated you on a bench and inquired,"___________, I know that there is something wrong. What is it?" He seemed very concerned but you didn't want to tell him so you said, "Oh i'm just feeling a bit tired i guess." He gave you a look and said, "You can tell me." You resigned and said, "Okay." You took a deep breath and explained how Hermione was treating you really bad because Harry liked you and you weren't sure if you liked him. You left out the part with the kiss because you didn't think Oliver needed to know that. He hugged you and you:
  8. When he let go of you he asked, "Would you come down with me to lecture my teammates?" "Yep sure." When you arrived, everyone was watching you like you're some sort of beauty queen and you were holding hands with Oliver. He asked you, "Would you wait here for me?" You nodded and he bent down and kissed you on your forehead. Harry watched with pure jealously and anger. He gave Oliver a look and Oliver went and joined his team, talking to them about this year's World Cup. You turned and saw Neville coming towards you. You think:
  9. He came up to you and said, "Hi _________. It's been a long while since we talked." "Yeah," you said, your thoughts in a different place. He looked at you and said,"I know about you and Harry. I knew you two would be two perfect lovebirds." "Lovebirds?" "Yep. Why?" "Harry and i aren't----" He seemed to realized, "Oh sorry. I didn't know." "It's quite alright. But why did you think that in the first place?" "Oh because I know about last night." "Oh well Neville, it meant nothing so...." "I get it __________. So, how is everything else?" "Fine." You didn't want to talk anymore so you watched the Quidditch players. Harry gave you a smile and a wink but you did as though you didn't see so he turned away with a disappointed expression on his face. Oliver was telling them, "Gryfindoor hasn't win for seven years now. We've GOT to win. We've got the-best-ruddy-team in the world," punching his fist. You think:
  10. He kept pacing and when they finished, Harry and Oliver were the only two left and they were coming towards you. Oliver looked stressed and Harry said to you, "__________, you wanna go back up with me?" You didn't talk to Harry since 'the incident' and you certainly didn't want to be with him alone so you said, "No thanks." He looked extremely sour and he stormed off. Oliver looked and you and lifted your chin up. He said, "This is my last year and i want it to be memorable and special." You said, "Yep. It will definitely be special." He smiled and kissed you on the cheek. You:
  11. When he let go of you, you grabbed his hand and walked through the castle, holding his hand and all through the portrait hole and into the Gryfindoor common room. When Ron saw you two, he looked completely flabbergasted and even more suprised when Oliver pulled you into a hug and kissed you again, on the forehead. You were suprised too but you hugged him tight and when you let go, you distinctly heard Ron throw a book on the floor. You didn't care why he did that and you certainly wasn't going to waste your breath talking to him. You saw Seamus coming towards you and he asked you if you wanted to take a walk with him and you replied that it would be lovely. When you both were out of earshot he said, "I know about last night. Are you alright?" You laughed and said, "Oh i am fine." He looked concerned, "____________, if you need anything I'm here for you," and as he leaned in to kiss you, you were interrupted by Draco. He was out of the hospital wing and he looked hurt, "Sorry," he said and when he started to walk away, you hurried up to him and said, "Oh Draco. That was nothing. He didn't kiss me and i'm sure that he wasn't going to kiss me on my lips." He turned to you and said, "____________, you don't have to explain anything to me." You pleaded with him, "Draco...." He held your waist and said, "Do you know what makes me happy?" You shook your head, "No." He looked into your eyes and said, "_________, when i met you, I felt as though there was nothing in this world that could make me sad again. I care about you." Before you could reply, you and Draco were interrupted by a fourth year boy. Your thoughts:
  12. He said, looking at Draco, "Malfoy, what are you doing?" Draco raised his eyebrows and said, "I got out of the hospital wing. Duh. My arm is fixed. Now, can you go?" and he gestured a hand towards you. When he saw you he said, "Hi. I'm Cedric Diggory." You replied, "Hi. I'm _________. So, you're the famous Ceedric?" He blushed red when you said that and Draco gave him a sign to leave. Draco turned to you, giving you a peck on the cheek, telling you that you should go get your books out for class. You replied, "Yep. Bye Draco." When you were about to enter the Greenhouse, you heard two Hufflepuffs taking about something. One of them said, "The third year Cedric likes name is what? I can't remember." The other replied, "Her name is ___________." Your mouth dropped open when one of them said your name but then Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville came. Ron said, "Look Harry. The pathetic fool is here," and he walked into the Greenhouse. Your thoughts were on:
  13. Neville was to your right and Harry was to your left. You asked Nevile, "What happened?" "Nothing. Can't you see I'm busy? Stop harassing me." He seemed very harsh and he didn't want to talk to you so he moved near Hermione and so did Harry. They were all saying nasty things about you and you could not bear it anymore so you asked Professor Sprout if you could leave and she nodded. You ran to the common room and before you could hold it in, you burst out in tears. You couldn't stop and you sat near the fireplace when you saw someone sitting next to you. It was Oliver. He said, "_____________, what's wrong?" You sniffled, "Harry, Ron, Hermione and even Neville are treating me harshly." He looked as though he was angry and he hugged you, wiping your tears and Ron, Hermione, Neville and Harry walked in to see this. Ron said, "Oh bloody hell, ______________, you're truly pathetic!" You turn and said, "Well if you would talk to me I wouldn't have to be crying on someone's shoulder!!" "The reason i'm not talking to you is because you broke my best friend's heart!!" You were aghast when he said that and you replied, "Ronald Weasley you have gone too far. it's none of your business and you don't know what you're talking about!" Harry looked at you and remarked, "__________, I fully well know what he's talking about. I really like you and you smashed me to bits!" "Harry, what the hell!" "You heard me. I mean come on, I kissed you for crying out loud!" Everyone in the common room went silent and Oliver who was listening to all of this, looked at you as though you didn't trust him enough and said, "I-I should go," and it sounded as though he was close to tears. You think:
  14. Okay Lovies. i'll stop here for now. I hope you enjoyed the quiz. Any suggestions you have, you can put it in the comments and ill be sure to reply. My other username is Aria so you might see me commenting as that on quizzes. Lastly for shoutouts. @Natuhleegayle for always making me smile and @Vanasha for pushing me to write the quiz. Oh wait, I forgot someone. @Nicolette for being a good friend and reading my quiz in school.

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