a hollywood love story

a hollywood love story is ONLY FOR GIRLS!! this story is a fictional story where you pretend you go to hollywood and you meet three kind of guys... a romantic and sporty guy, a nerdy but sweet guy,a funny guy'and an emo but nice on the inside guy

when they get into a fight over you they ask you to pick one of them to be with.so you decide to go on a date with each guy to get to know them better...its decision time and who are you gonna choose???

Created by: madison

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  1. you just won american idol!congrats! but you have to move to hollywood and the problem is that you dont know anyone but the first guy that sees you stops and stares at you you find out that his name is corey! he is this soccer player with tanned skin and green eyes he called you beautiful!
  2. he says that he has to go to practice and he will call you! but up walks this nerd with glasses and a suit...he says his name is sean and he is the youngest director in the world! that impresses you..but then you remember corey
  3. sean is late for his movie soo he leaves... but you see this super hott set of twins one was this goofy hotty with short black hair his name is jackson! and the other twin has long black hair that covers his eyes he acts mysterious around you but you could tell he likes you because every time his brother trys to make a move he slaps him
  4. corey and sean come back while you are talking to the twins...they all get in to a fight between which one likes you more! you break up the fight but when you do they ask you to pick one of them to date...who do you pick?
  5. forget your choice for a minute...you choose to go on a date with each one of the guys and get to know them and after all of the dates are over with then you will choose...first you go on a date with corey since you met him first..he takes you to dinner then shows you some of his soccer moves then he kisses you!!! did you like this date!
  6. then you go on a date with sean...he takes you to a movie premiere! you get your picture taken by paparazi and you like that...then he takes you home and he tells you he realley likes you and that he would put you in a movie any day! did you like this date?
  7. then you go on a date with jackson! he is on a hit t.v. show and takes you to the rehearsal...he even asked the director if you could join him in a sketch! the director said yes and now your gonna be on the show live on friday!...he walks you home from the studio and asks you if you are ok with being a guest star and the show you say yes and thank you! did you like this date?
  8. last you have a date with jack...he takes you to an amusement park and pays for you to do anything you want! ya'll get up to a scary roller coaster and asks you if you wanna ride you say you dont know it looks realley scary and he says that if you get scared that you could hold his hand after the date he takes you home in his lemo and says that he likes you and hopes you had fun. did you like the date?
  9. decision time and you pick...
  10. you have picked your new boo!are you readey to see your results??

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