how much do you know about hollywood undead

this is a quiz for people who think they know the greatest band ever HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD!!!!!!!!!!! These masked badasses are make the best rap/rock music in the wourld

I do not own any rights to hollywood undead or any of thier songs im just a dedicated fan thankyou :):) p.s. im trying to fill up the 150 charicter minimum

Created by: gar

  1. Were is hollywood undead from?
  2. Which of these was never a member of hollywood undead
  3. What was hollywood undead's first album
  4. Which of these is not a Hollywood undead song
  5. Currently how many members are in the band
  6. finish the lyric: Every were i go...
  7. which one of these band members quit before there first albums release
  8. Who is the newest member
  9. Finish the lyric: you better get out of the way...
  10. finish the lyric: cuz i dont wanna be like this...

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about hollywood undead