Teenage Love Story part 4

This quiz is about a girl ( which is u) whos parents are really strict but that wont stop u from being in love with the perfect guy that goes to church with you!

At the end u can only choose one guy. But who could it be? Beautiful blond hair with blue eyes Liam?. Or green eyes nerdy guy Nathan? Or Pretty light brown eyes Jacob? Or The flirt Tyler? U choose (:

Created by: Zule
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  1. Hey! So in the last quiz, who did you get? (:
  2. Today you have to go to church! Your excited to see ( Liam, or Nathan, or Jacob or Tyler ) So you quickly get ready, and wear...
  3. You go downstairs to go eat with your family & your dad says "Goodmorning, so how did it go with Liam. Hold on are you two kids dating? Because your not allowed to date." You say/think..
  4. Later on you go to church. And your dad starts preaching. You see Liam is starring at you & he smiles at you. You....
  5. Nathan sits next to you. And whispers in your ear *in a sad tone* "______ , how was your day yesterday with Liam." You say...
  6. After church you say "Nathan who told you about me & Liam?" He says "I went over to your house to study with you but your dad said you were with Liam!" You say...
  7. Then Nathan says "Plus i was waiting for you to come back home safe & I saw Liam kissing you in the car! Did it mean anything to you?" You say...
  8. Nathan says "______, i love you and i have been in love with you since we were little & we used to go to church together all the time! Why are you doing this to me?" You say...
  9. Then Jacob comes and says" _____ is Nathan bothering you?" You say...
  10. Then Nathan says "Ill talk to you later." ( p.s Nathan lives next door ) . Jacob asks you out to eat with him. But your tired and say no.
  11. You go home. And your tired so you grab your bathing suit & go to the beach with ur bff ______.
  12. As your at the beach, you decide to lay down on the sand & relax with ur bff. Suddenly someone sits down right next to you..
  13. Its Nathan!!
  14. His just there staring at you. & he says "I cant believe how i come back for you, after you had hurt me." You say..
  15. He says "I really want to get serious with you. Your the one & only girl ive ever loved. How about we talk about us please?" Youuu
  16. He walks away but before he does he kisses you in the cheek. & says "im serious. Dont hurt me again please." Then Tyler starts laughing & says "_____ Do you really like this nerdy guy?" You say
  17. Then he grabs your hand & helps you get up & kisses you. You...
  18. Whatever you did, he says "Talk to you later". Then your phone starts ringing. && someone says "Hey beautiful".
  19. Thanks for taking this quiz!! I will be putting part 5 tomorrow!! && in part 5 i will mention who called you!! Thanks for the comments guys!! If ya think i should add something else comment & tell me please!! (:
  20. Oh && sorry for not adding Nathan alot. But i promise i will add for the next quiz!! (:

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