Teenage Love Story Part 2

Hey guys!!! So for people that dont know about this quiz its about a girl who's parents are very strict but that wont stop her from falling in love!!

Goodluckk!!! Whoever you may choose I love them all!! ( duh I made the quiz ) lol Pleaseee take it & recomend it to people if you actually like it!! Thankss! (:

Created by: Zule
  1. On the first quiz who did you get to hang out with the next day? (:
  2. So you hang out at the beach with your friend ______. All of a sudden you hear Liam calling your name! "________!!!!!!" You turn around you....
  3. Then Liam says "Hey, I missed you! *gives you tight hug* I know how your parents are really strict so im going to ask your dad permission for you to come over to my house to hang out" You say...
  4. Whatever you had said Liam says "Okay see you later? (: " Then Nathan sees you talking to Liam.
  5. Nathan says "Hi ___. So do you like him?" *in a sad tone* You say
  6. Then Nathan says "Okay see you later." *walks away* Then all of a sudden a volleyball hits you! Jacob comes running to you saying "Im sorry _____!! I really didnt mean for it to hit you! I swear!" Then he says "How about if I make it up to you? Ill invite you to dinner tomorrrow after church?" You say...
  7. Later he walks away. Tyler sees you & your friend & says "Hey hey hey(; Who's that hot girl with you!" Your friend says "Oh my name is _____." Then Tyler says "HAHAHA not you silly! ________. Isnt she just the most perfect girl youve ever met? (:" You..
  8. Then Tyler grabs you from the waist & holds you near. & whispers "I dont care if your parents dont let you date all I want & need is you." & he kisses you. You...
  9. He walks away blowing you a kiss! Then later on you go to your house. You see Liam is already there shaking your fathers hand. Your dad says "Wow I love this boy! He fixed the laptop! & _____ you can go to Liams house tomorrow!" You
  10. Okay so part 3 will be about what happens in Liams house. ( dont do bad stuff ) && etc ...
  11. Did u like it? (:

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