A Pirate Love Story-Part 1

Hi this is my second quiz! I'm Kendall'sFutureWife (as in Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush)! Please comment and rate so I can see if I should continue! And by the way, I was inspired by wolfygirl's Love Found At Sea stories! They're amazing!

This story is about this girl who gets kidnapped by pirates and falls in love with one of them. Could it be Derik, the sweet brown haired boy? Or Benjamin, the one who loves to aggravate David but is best friends with him? Or, David, the mysterious leader?

Created by: Kendall'sFutureWife

  1. You wake up one night to screaming and yelling. The screaming sounds like your mom's, and the yelling your dad's. You look out your window to see some men stealing your mom's jewlry. You gasp, slip your boots on, and run down the stairs in your nightgown. You spot your father's sword, and take it. You know you may be crazy doing this, but you want to save your parents. You run outside, sword in hand, and stop dead in your tracks. The reason you did was because the man you saw was the hottest you'd ever seen. He had dirty blonde hair with bangs going across his forehead, and brown eyes. He was wearing a pirate's outfit, and you figured he was one. You lived on the shore of England, and his pirate's ship must have docked here. You lift the sword again, and say "Put the jewlry box down!" The cute pirate boy turns around and notices you. He laughs. "A girl? How old may you be, GIRL?" He has an English accent like you, but his voice is soothing and sexy. "16. Now put the jewlry down, unless you want to get hurt." he just stood there and smiled for a few seconds, and then said "Take her boys. Leave the parents." Then, suddenly, more pirate men surround you. They grab you roughly by the arms and drag you to the ship, as you black out.
  2. You wake up in a hammock to the smell of the sea. You feel yourself sway back and forth, slowly. You get up, still in your night gown and boots, and realize you are on a ship. You go up to the top deck, and see the cute dirty blonde boy from last night, the dark haired boy who dragged you away, and the brown haired boy who helped dark haired boy drag you away. The dirty blonde boy walks up to you and smiled. "Hello, girl." He says in the new American accent. "I thought you had an English accent." You say. "I just fake that so an American doesn't get in trouble for being in Europe. And by the way, you need more appropriate clothes." He took you back below deck, and showed you the clothes. As you were changing in a room, he waited outside the closed door. "I didn't catch your name." He said. "Elizibeth." You answer. "Lizzy is easier to say, you know."
  3. "So what's your name?" You ask. "David." He said sternly, as if he hated the name. "And how old are you?" "18." "Oh." You step out in a pirate girl's outfit and David's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. You smile. "Too much to handle?" "U-Um..." then he gets out of his daze. "No." You decide to make him think you're in love so he'll leave you alone with the flirting. "So..." you say sexy and put your hands on his chest and push him against the wall.
  4. You get close to his face and whisper "I'm to good for you boy. Lay off." But you have a devilish grin on your face. He looks stunned, then smiles. He kisses you passionately, and you're surprised. Then you both hear someone on the top deck yell "Invading ship!" You and David stop kissing and run up deck.
  5. When you get to the top deck, you see a ship beside yours, shooting cannons. Your ship's crew walks on the other ship by plank, attacks the other crew, get back on your ship, and sail away with two treasnure chests. David laughed with his hands on his hips, looking at the treasure chests. You try not to blush, because he looks so hot.
  6. "What's in the treasure chests?" You ask. "Treasure, of course. What do you think, GIRL?" David said. "If you're going to call me by that cute little nickname, then do it. My name isn't GIRL, BOY." He laughed. "What was that kiss down there, Lizzy?" "I was just making you think I liked you so you'd stop with the flirting!" "You used to like me." He was still smiling. "What? Why would I like someone like YOU?" "You don't remember, do you?" His smile was fading. "No..." "We went to school together. You were 5 and I was 7. You finally told me one day that you liked me under that old tree. Then..." "Then what?" "You don't remember?" "No, sorry."
  7. "I kissed you... and you kissed back." He smiled. "Pretty good kisser for a five year old. And I found out that you got better at kissing after that kiss below deck." "How do I not remember any of this?" You ask, suspiciously. "Your parents. They took you to get hypnotized and forget it all. They hated me." He looked down with a frown. "Well, was there a word to let me remember?" "I don't know... Hot pirate man used to be my crush?" He smiled and you giggled. "Nope. Don't remember anything." "Lizzy... One more kiss?" "Um..." you say.
  8. "Sure." You whisper and he kisses you. He kissed you slowly and passionately. Then he kissed you again and again, and you end up making out for about 15 minutes until the dark haired boy interrupts. "Dave. We're meeting in the dining room below deck."
  9. "Should I come?" You ask. "If you want, Lizzy." David smiled and winked at you. You blushed after he turned away. As you were all walking to the dining room, the dark haired boy said "My name is Benjamin by the way." "Nice to meet you." You say, smiling.
  10. You go below deck and see the crew. You see the brown haired boy, and a few other older men. They all introduced themselves, and you find out that the brown haired boy's name is Derik.
  11. Ok! Please read my next one! Comment and rate and tell me if I should continue!

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