How well do you know Robert Newton?

Actor Robert Newton (1905-1956) is probably best known today for his influence on pop-culture piracy--his portrayal of Long John Silver in Walt Disney's first all-live-action film "Treasure Island" in 1950 redefined the popular conception of the way pirates talked (it was Newton who introduced "arr!" to the pirate lexicon and first used that accent), rolled their eyes, and swaggered, especially since he reprised the role in a sequel and TV series and played Blackbeard as well. But he was a top-grossing star of stage and screen in Britain well before that, appearing in acclaimed films such as David Lean's "Oliver Twist," Carol Reed's "Odd Man Out," Laurence Olivier's groundbreaking "Henry V," and Edward Dmytryk's popular thriller "Obsession," as well as playing the romantic lead in Alfred Hitchcock's "Jamaica Inn." His last film, "Around the World in 80 Days," won the Best Picture Oscar in 1956.

How much do you really know about the patron saint of "Talk Like a Pirate Day"? Are you a serious fan? Or do you just want to know more about him? Take this fun trivia quiz and find out!

Created by: mooncove
  1. What is Long John Silver's most distinguishing feature?
  2. In which of the following films does Robert Newton NOT play a professional seafarer of some kind?
  3. Which actor devoted an entire chapter in his autobiography to Robert Newton?
  4. What was Robert Newton's father's occupation?
  5. What does the expression "arr" mean?
  6. Where was the "Adventures of Long John Silver" television series filmed?
  7. What color were Robert Newton's eyes?
  8. In what play did Robert Newton make his first stage appearance?
  9. What position did Robert Newton NOT hold during his tenure at the Birmingham Rep?
  10. In which branch of the British military did he serve during World War II?
  11. What did he name the theatre he ran in the early 1930s?
  12. In which of the following films can you hear him speak in his "normal" (offscreen) accent?
  13. What was Robert Newton's first color film?
  14. In which of the following films did he NOT play the romantic lead?
  15. Which of the following activities did he NOT engage in during his leisure time?
  16. In his professional life, which of the following was he said to dislike?
  17. In the remakes of two unrelated films, Robert Newton took on roles previously played by which of his costars?
  18. Which friend and costar of Robert Newton's was given his first big acting break by another actor who played Newton's adversary in four different films?
  19. Which of the following actors made the most screen appearances with Robert Newton?
  20. In which two unrelated films did his characters share a first and last name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Robert Newton?