How seductive are you?

Robert Greene's seduction ratings. Do you need to read the Art of Seduction? Are you a master Seducer/Seductress or an anti-seducer? Take this quiz to find out.

This Quiz will rate your skills as a seducer based on a series of questions taken from Robert Greene's Seducers World. Be honest with your answers and do not worry about seeming cynical or cruel.

Created by: Jenn
  1. Of the following four types of people to seduce, which one would you choose?
  2. At a social affair you spot the man or woman you would like to seduce. Your goal is to attract their attention and get them to think about you, after the night is over. The best way to do this is to:
  3. The seduction has begun and you are getting to know each other. In talking about your past experiences and conquests, you should:
  4. You have had a few dates and you are trying to decide where to go on the next one. A good ploy is to:
  5. Early on in the seduction it is best to:
  6. We are all a mix of masculine and feminine qualities. To be a more effective seducer you should:
  7. A few weeks into the seduction it is time to do something that will create a lasting impression, an act that will surprise and charm them. The best way to do this is to:
  8. The best way to seduce with words is to:
  9. The person you are seducing is coming over to your house for the first time. You should:
  10. You want the other person to be thinking about you more and more, when you are not in their presence. After a few weeks of involvement, the best way to stimulate such thoughts is to:
  11. To advance the seduction, you may want to take them away for a few days, go on a trip. The ideal location would be:
  12. After a few weeks of seducing you sense that your victim has become more resistant and suspicious. You should:
  13. We all have a dark side. As far as you can help it, it is generally best to:
  14. A point is always reached in which you want to turn the psychological seduction into something physical. The best way to heat up the other person and put them in a lustful mood is to:
  15. You sense that the other person is ready and the time has come to finish off the seduction. In general, the most exciting climax is achieved by:
  16. The seduction is over and the two of you are settling into a relationship. Now it is time to:
  17. The seduction is over, you're bored and you want to move on to greener pastures. The best way to do this is to:
  18. The person you want to seduce was once a promiscuous rake or siren, but now has settled down or changed his or her ways. The best way to approach such a type is to:
  19. The person you want to seduce is physically beautiful and admired by many for his or her beauty. The best way to seduce such a type is to:
  20. The person you want to seduce is quite shy, cautious and even conservative in their behavior. The best way to ensnare such a type is to:

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