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  • joeycheaters

    JOEYCHEATERS Feb 8 '16, 2:08AM
  • 76% a top notch seducer? Hahah!seriously answered!



    edz Sep 11 '15, 12:32PM
  • I'm a master seducer, 83%. The sad thing is, sometimes I seduce guys without meaning to...

    Livi_chan Jul 24 '15, 2:28PM
  • 92 points ;D

    loved Aug 25 '14, 12:08AM
  • hahaha. i am a master seducer...81%

    ermia Jun 22 '13, 1:26AM
  • wow it's incredible

    i got over 50 pts :O

    spark94 May 28 '10, 2:04PM
  • This quiz is awesome!

    SolsticeSun Mar 4 '10, 6:52PM

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