What Kind Of Person Are You?

This is a test to see what kind of person you are. You may find thid very accurate. If you don't than you had better take a much closer look on your life and be truthful. Do you think you are seductive, happy, lazy, violent, depressed or a hoodlum?

If you are a seductive person you may have great experience in sex and love. If violent you may be a very angry person. If happy chances are you must have had a great life. If you are a hoodlum chances are you look for trouble around every corner. If lazy you must love jerry springer. Or if your depressed their must be lots of sadness and hurt in your life.

Created by: zakk

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  1. Do you love sex?
  2. Have you been in over 20 fights in the past 4 years?
  3. Have you ever hurt yourself purposely?
  4. Do you love your life?
  5. Do you sit around all day doing nothing?
  6. Do eat lots of junk food?
  7. Do you blame others for your problems?
  8. Are you a romantic person?
  9. Do you have lots of friends?
  10. Has the thought of murder crossed your mind?
  11. Have you ever bought a boyfriend/girlfriend a gift?
  12. Have you ever been locked up?
  13. Do you feel love or hate most of the time?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Person am I?