How strict are your parents? Girls only!

Some people have killer strict parents; others have very lenient parents. Yet, a lot of teens, especially girls, might find their parents unfair. This 15 question quiz will find out if ones parents are strict or not...

Do you have helicopter parents, or are your parents lenient and give you everything you wish for? You might not have known until you take this 15-question quiz.

Created by: katnisseverdeen
  1. What type of bathing suit do u wear
  2. If you wear bikinis, when did you start wearing them?
  3. Are u allowed to date
  4. When is your curfew?
  5. How long do ur shorts have to be? Minimum length (Outside your house)
  6. Clothing situation
  7. Scenario: You got a C In a summative (non retakable) project. You tell your parents about it. However, you did your best. They...
  8. How much makeup are you allowed to wear?
  9. What do u eat?
  10. How clean is your room?
  11. Friend situation?
  12. How frequently do you argue?
  13. How many rules are there

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Quiz topic: How strict am Ir parents? Girls only!