Teenage Love Story part 6

This is a quiz,about a girl ( which is you) who's parents are really strict. But she falls inlove. & no one can stop her from it!!! ..

You will find out which guy is perfect for you & you get to choose him. Not even your strict parents!!! Thanks for taking this quiz!

Created by: Zule

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  1. So who did you get on your last quiz? (:
  2. You wake up late today. Your parents didnt even bother for you to wake up to go to church. ( yes you go to church everyday ) lol
  3. So you call your bff _____ to go over to your house. She rings the doorbell & you open the door for her to come in. She says "Heyy _____!! Why arent you at church?" You say "I woke up late for some reason. & i need to talk to you about something."
  4. Your bff says "Omg, i knew it! You want to talk about Nathan? Or Liam? Or Jacob? Or Tyler? Seriously you need to stick to only one guy!!" You say ...
  5. You tell her whats been happening with all of the 4 boys. & ask her who does she think is the right guy for you. But she says "Well its up to you, i mean Liam is hot! & his into church alot even though he wanted u to skip with him last time. Remember? & Plus your dad loves that about him! He respects you alot."
  6. Then she says " Oh & lets not forget Nathan! I love his green eyes! & His so cute with you. His been liking you for a long time! & plus his smart. & your dad likes him too. Right? " you say...
  7. Then she says "Oh & Jacob. Wow! He has abs!!! & is soo athletic!! His nice to you. I mean he likes you duh?? But idk. His something huh?.(:" You say..
  8. Then finally she says "Oh & Tyler. His such a flirt but his kind of a jerk to Nathan. & he thinks that its only him that you may love in this world, which is not true! Right?" You say..
  9. So you say "I have not made up my mind yet but for sure i dont want Tyler. He is a jerk after all."
  10. Your bff says "of course he is!! & Lets go to the beach for a walk. Or if you want to we will play volleyball?" You say..
  11. So you want to go & you wear...
  12. As soon as you get ready, you & ur bff go downstairs & get ready to leave. You two decide to go walking. & as your walking to the beach, you see your parents driving pass ya. You...
  13. Your mom rolls down her window & she yells "Have fun!" ......
  14. You & your friend get to the beach. A strange group of people ask if you two want to join to play volleyball with them. Ya say yes. Then you hear a girl & a guy laughing really loud! You turn around & its....
  15. Liam & his new gf!!!!
  16. He waves at you. You....
  17. Suddenly you find yourself yelling at him asking "Who's this?"
  18. Liam says "Chill, its just my new girlfriend! Why do you even care? I thought you were dating Nathan? How is he by the way?" You say...
  19. Then you see Jacob coming towards y'all. & he says "Heyy babe! I havent seen you all day." Then he starts kissing you infront of Liam & his new gf!
  20. Whatever you chose. Liam gets jealous & he says "______ why are you messing around with 4 guys at the same time? Does your father even know about this? Whatever." *Liam walks away with gf & gf asks Liam who you were*
  21. &,your bff yells to Liams new gf "He doesnt even like you!!!!! So dont get your hopes up!!" & your bff says to you "Lets go. You dont need him anyways." & Jacob says "I love you _____. You dont need him." *he kisses your forehead*
  22. You hug him tightly & you whisper into his ear "Thank you." ( or if u love him. You say it) & you & your bff start walking home.
  23. As soon as you walk home. You run upstairs & start crying for.....
  24. Thanks for taking this quiz people!! & stay tuned for part 7 because u wont believe what happens!!! :o lol && sorry i didnt make this quiz long. Its because its 2am!!
  25. Oh & Please comment if you want,me to keep Tyler on this? Or if u guys like i could take h im off! ? (:
  26. If u have any ideas for part 7 comment & tell them to me!! I Thank you!!!! (:

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