The Inheritance Cycle Ultimate Test!

There are many people who think they are the master of their book series. This test is designed to see how well you know the Inheritance Cycle book series!

Can YOU beat this test?! Do YOU have what it takes to be the Ultimate Inheritance Cycle Reader?! Take this test to figure out if you're just a noob, or if you really are on the pro level!

Created by: Rave098
  1. Who is the author?
  2. Who was the rider of Saphira I?
  3. What is the name of Surda's capital city?
  4. What was found underneath the roots of the Meoa tree?
  5. Where did the Elves flee after the fall of the riders?
  6. Who is the queen after Galbatorix?
  7. Who is the king of the Werecats?
  8. Which Elf does Eragon like?
  9. Who is Roran's beloved?
  10. What does Eragon find in the vault of souls?
  11. While in the Varden, what is the order of the leaders THAT HAD BEEN LEADERS WHILE HE WAS THERE? (Do you get the Emphisis on it!?)
  12. Who is Eragon's foster-brother?
  13. What races are joined to the dragons by Eragon at the end of the last book?
  14. What does Eragon name his sword?
  15. What is the secret about Arya that is revealed at Ellesmira?
  16. Who is Eragon's half brother?
  17. At Doru Araeba, what is the true name of the frogs with angler-fish-like lights hanging of it's head?
  18. Where did Eragon first meet Angela the Herbalist and Solembum the Werecat?
  19. What are the the names of the dragons still alive at the VERY END of book 4?
  20. Why can no one remember the names of the Forsworn's dragons?
  21. Which of these is not a town in Alagaesia?
  22. What is Eragon's dragon's name?
  23. Who is the king of Surda?
  24. Nasuada is the Daughter of whom?
  25. What is the name of the fully-grown Razac?

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