which character from the inheritance cycle are you?

kvetha fricaya.WARNING.IF YOU DONT READ THE INHERITANCE CYCLE BOOKS THIS WONT MAKE SENSE.im not gonna tell you what there is youll have to take the quiz.are you , , , , , , or maybe .hey i dont give hints

this is my first quiz so please bear with me.and yes,i am a huuuge paolini fan.remember if you dont read the books dont take the quiz.you wont understand what im saying

Created by: hollie of facebook.com
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. your favorite weapon?
  2. colour?
  3. you eat...
  4. what region do you like?
  5. element?
  6. are you getting board?
  7. favorite eye colour?
  8. fave hair color?
  9. are you sure your sick of brown hair?
  10. close your eyes for 10seconds...........did you do this
  11. will you rate?

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Quiz topic: Which character from the inheritance cycle am I?