What is your element?

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Do you want to know your bending element? If you do, take this test. It has questions that are related to the four elements in some way. Have a nice test.

There are four elements in all that you might be able to control. All four of these elements go in a cycle. The first in the cycle is Water, second is Earth, third is Fire, and last is Air. No matter what you get I hope you like it.

Created by: Twilight Moons
  1. What element do you want to be?
  2. What is your favorite out of these creatures?
  3. Which number do you like best?
  4. What is your normal attitude?
  5. Where do you live?
  6. What do you like to do best?
  7. Do you watch the Avatar The Last Airbender cartoon?
  8. Do you care what kind of bender you will be?
  9. Do you like to be with people from other places?
  10. Which element do you think is most powerful?

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Quiz topic: What is my element?