Do you know the Inheritance Cycle?

You think you know it all. You think you're so smart. You think you can SO beat this Inheritance Cycle quiz. Can you qualify for the title of knowing the Cycle like the back of your hand?

All be warned! This quiz is only for the ones who have read Eargon, Eldest, AND Brisingr!!! Don't press your luck if you haven't read them all! If you have, good luck!

Created by: Shur'tugal
  1. What was Brom's sword called?
  2. What is one of Saphira's nicknames?
  3. Why didn't Eragon kill Sloan?
  4. What did Brom use to cover his gedway ignasia?
  5. How does Eragon realize the dragon is a she?
  6. What are the Twin's names?
  7. In order to complete this quiz you need to have read _________ books
  8. What are Urgals?
  9. What are Kull?
  10. How is Eragon changed after the Blood-Oath Celebration?
  11. How does Eragon help Rhunon forge his sword?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Inheritance Cycle?