How much do you know about the Inheritance Series

There are many people who have read the inheritance series, but how much do you really know about it? Do you know how Garrow died, what about Brom? Do you know what happened in the last book?

This quiz was created to test your knowledge on the Eragon books. The questions are quite short and brief, but hard nonetheless! Please don't use the internet when taking this quiz, because it bypasses the point of how much you know!

Created by: spotty dinosaur
  1. In order who is Eragon's father, Uncle, Half-brother and cousin?
  2. What colour is Eragon's dragon?
  3. What gender is the dragon, and what is it's name?
  4. Who does Eragon love?
  5. Who does Eragon kill at the end of the first book?
  6. Where did Eragon go for training about the Dragon Riders?
  7. What were Eragon's instructors called?
  8. What is so special about Eragon's sword?(the one that he got made for him in the third book)
  9. What happens to Eragon in the last book at the end?
  10. How does Eragon kill Galbatorix?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Inheritance Series