Are You An Alpha, Beta or Omega?

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In this quiz you'll find out if you are an omega (low rank), Beta (second in command) or an Alpha (leader) in a wolf pack. This is supposed to help you get to know your true self a little better! (Lol) Hope you enjoy!

Do you see yourself as a natural leader? Are you outgoing, loyal, stoic? Your personality traits will determine your rank. Ready to take the quiz?

Created by: Tiga
  1. What is your favorite time of the day/night?
  2. How would you describe yourself as the most?
  3. How easily do you get ticked off?
  4. What would you do for fun? (As a wolf)
  5. A hunter has trapped part of your pack and you are able to save just one, who would it be?
  6. The hunter is back again and has a knife. The slower wolves are falling fare behind the rest of the pack and the hunter is catching up to them.
  7. Would you save your friends and family if their lives are in danger? 1- 2- (1 point)3- (1 point) 4- (1 point)5- I'll run and get help (1 point)
  8. (Last question!) What rank would you like? (Won't effect final answer)
  9. (Okie okie sorry last question!!) How did you like the quiz?
  10. (^▽^) o(≧▽≦)o (b ^▽^)b ... o( ❛ ❛ )o (.❛ ❛.) (T-T) Okie sowwie I promise this is the last one (Won't effect final answer)

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Quiz topic: Am I An Alpha, Beta or Omega?