What wolf rank are you?

This quiz will show which wolf rank you are by your personality and moral. This saying as, if your an Alpha or ect.(beta, sentinel, gamma, delta or other...)this quiz should not be referred to as a A class to lower it is a self reflecting quiz.

This quiz should show the most precise things about you and your morals, along with what you would put forward in a everyday life. As well as this test should not change who you are.

Created by: Elite elinc2
  1. Are you a person who likes being alone, in a relationship, doesn’t care, or other.
  2. Do you lead, follow, participate in the pack, other
  3. Mountain, river, lake ,beach or a meadow?
  4. Are you best at either being. Handsome, intellectual, Caring, all of the above, don’t care.
  5. There is 5 toys in front of you what do you do?
  6. Do you think you want to, Experiment with those toys?Get to the next question ! or DO THE ROAR
  7. If you had to choose would you either steal all cookies behind someone’s back, eat all in front of the owner, steal the cookies and share or none
  8. Now one of the most important questions!?
  9. back to the starting question but more accurate this time do you:like to leadLove to leadLike to followI roam around I’m in the pack but I like going with my partner I stick with a packI’m in a pack and my job is to recruit I like doing activity’s with our leader
  10. Final question!Just for fun!?

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Quiz topic: What wolf rank am I?