What music do you listen too?

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Thread Topic: What music do you listen too?

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    Sage Parson Experienced
    Classic Rock
    Dance/Upbeat Music
  • elshadzkie Newbie
    Love song and Christian song.
  • ninjacupcake Novice
    Current pop all the way!!!! ;)
  • humdrum Newbie
    Have to say COUNTRY
  • quizmasters Newbie
    Light soft music
  • AllyJ Junior
    pop and rock. Pop rocks, lol :)
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    Anything. As long as people don't screech, I hate that.
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    natebuscus Novice
    classic rock
    gaming and movie soundtracks
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    Ashl3y Experienced
    Anything that sounds good to me. I don't give a specific genre because I'll tell you one band and another that contradicts (is that the right word.?) the other. :P
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    timothy4444 Advanced
    Anything but mainly mainstream stuff.
  • GymnastGurl1 Newbie
    Eminem, Wiz Kalifah, Dr.Dre, Kelly Rowland, Ludacris, Mariah Cary, Justin Bieber, Bad Meets Evil

    Rap genios
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    Britpop, OSTs, Alt rock, metal, orchestral music.

    I'd hate to sound like a raging Hipster, but I'm not too big a fan of Mainstream music.
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    Viktor Experienced
    Anything that's good. But rock more than others.

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