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  • "Aladin and Jinny."
  • I like soccer
    "Firstly you didn't tell why do you want to be cured. It is such an awesome game that one who loves energetic sport will love it. I am a grea..."
  • "I would choose 3 things.... 1) A shoe by which I can go everywhere in this world without any transportation. 2)A bowl "
  • Whats your nationality?
    "Though I am Indian But I would like to be a cosmopolitan."
  • "It is a awesome game for enrich your mental, thinking ability. I have a friend who is a damn good player of chess. No matter how many time I..."
  • "1) Metallica 2) Bitles 3. Linkin Park"
  • "Very true. There is also a part of world where one of the biggest immigration has happened. A large scale of people have migrated from Bangl..."
  • "Life of pi, and it's an awesome movie."
  • favorite sports team
    "My favorite team is Indian cricket team. For the last 3 years the team won the ICC world Cup, ICC Champions Trophy and much more. The team h..."
  • "In case of rape may be abortion is ok. But do you know how many abortion is being taken place in the third world country? You can not imagin..."
  • "I want to go to every downtrodden poor peaople in the world, remove all the suffering of them and said to them "Don't worry. I am here for y..."
  • favorite sports team
    "My favorite team is Indian cricket team. It shows very strong character for past 3 years."
  • favorite sports team
    "My favorite team is Indian National Cricket team. Do you people know about cricket. Just know about it. You will realize how majestic it is...."
  • 50 years ago today
    "Thanks for posting this. It feels good to know this fact."
  • No subject
    "I think you need some good friend who can take care of yourself or may be you need the special one. You just need to ignore those who are ru..."

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