What are your top 3 bands of all time?

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Thread Topic: What are your top 3 bands of all time?

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    Omega_Wolf Novice
    1. The Fray
    2. Imagine Dragons
    3.Owl City
  • Jorden xD Novice
    Black Veil Brides
    Sleeping with Sirens
    Pierce the Veil

    And no I'm not completely emo. Just 50/50 XD
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    Jade66sick Novice
    My list changed from last time..

    Now it's Christian Death,Alice Cooper,Mr.Bungle.
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    AllHailLelouch Experienced
    Mine too..
    Now mine is 5 because i can't choose:
    Alice in Chains, Tool, Nirvana, Hurt, Evanescence
  • Jorden xD Novice
    And I did NOT mean that people that like them are emo!
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    im just listing my favorites

    iron maiden
    black Sabbath
    3 doors down
    led zeppelin
    lynnerd skynerd
  • quizmasters Novice
    1) Metallica
    2) Bitles
    3. Linkin Park
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    tazia101 Experienced
    Do 'bands' named after artists count for this? And I chose 5 because I can't cut any of these out.

    1.The Beatles
    2.The White Stripes
    3.David Bowie
    4.Bif Naked
    5.Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

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