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  • Goodbye
    "Hey so it was nice to check in, all drama and cliques aside. I feel like a newbie all over again. Anyways, thanks to the people who talked t..."
  • AMA
    "*shrugs* No problem, thanks for a little bit of entertainment in an incredibly boring evening. ^-^ Weirdo que"
  • AMA
    "Yeah, okay, fair enough. Staying away from political questions, then... What else is interesting to know about people? Mmm, "
  • "Hey so I'm actually kind of enjoying being back on this site buuut my other thread got killed by drama (no hard feelings, stuff happens) so ..."
  • AMA
    "Woah okay that is a LOT. Hm. Sorry to say I don't know most of those. I've got a friend who would probably freaking out over that list right..."
  • AMA
    "Alright, tell me about the movies and TV-shows. What do you watch? Yeah, I get what you mean about anime. It's a very differe"
  • "Well okay that took a turn from dramatic conflict into downright sitcom. Wow. I sense a very long story here, but I'm guessing that it would..."
  • AMA
    "Okay, well, long way around then What are your favourite bands What are your favourite books A"
  • "Oh my god your name keeps changing I'm so confused, I didn't think that you're 1714, I thought you were the other one, the weaboo, oh my god..."
  • AMA
    "No, I'm honestly just a person who really likes asking questions. I do it to my friends, I'll come to lunch with a list of questions that I ..."
  • AMA
    "Okay! *claps hands* Let's start with the basics; age we've got, what's your gender?"
  • "Hmm. Are there long-standing issues between the two of you, then? If you don't mind my asking, that is."
  • AMA
    "I could keep going all evening (with unexplained breaks to grab snacks or get distracted by the YouTube tab I have open next to this). Do yo..."
  • "...eloquent?"
  • AMA
    "What's your favourite and least favourite thing about the website? And how old are you, if that's not a creepy question. I just like knowing..."

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