How much do you know The Joker?

This quiz is all about The Dark Knight, and Heath Ledger's performance of the Joker. You need no background information, and you only need to have watched the scenes that the Joker is in. No comics are involved.

So how obsessed are you? How many times have you watched the Dark Knight(9)? How many pictures of the Joker do you have on your computer(157)? Do you have what it takes? I guess you'll find out. And here...we...go!

Created by: tazia101

  1. So, we'll start out easy, then get harder step by step. Ok?
  2. Easiest one, in my opinion. What is the first story the Joker ever tells bout his scars?
  3. Second easiest. How about the second scar story?
  4. When he's in jail, why does the Joker want his phone call?
  5. Step it up just a little bit. How does the Joker make a pencil disappear?
  6. When the Joker is bargaining with the mob bosses. When he reveals the grenades he's wired to, what the last line before he walks out?
  7. How many times does the Joker say "Why so serious" In the whole movie?
  8. What is the pattern on the shirt the Joker usually wears under the vest and coat?
  9. What is the only scene when the Joker has no makeup on?
  10. When the policeman is guarding the Joker. How many of the police man's friends did the Joker kill?
  11. When the Joker sets the money on fire, what does he use as a lighter?
  12. What is the Joker's message, in front of the burning money?
  13. What does the Joker tell Harvey about Anarchy?
  14. If Batman is an immovable object, what does that make the Joker?
  15. What color is the chain included in the Joker's outfit?
  16. In the Joker's second scar story, what did he use to make the scars?
  17. Why does the Joker use a knife?
  18. Stepping it up a little bit more. What is the first line in the whole movie?
  19. Who is the mob guy who offers a million for the Joker to be captured?
  20. What does the Joker give the mob guy's henchmen to fight with for "tryouts"?
  21. When the joker crashes the party, what is his first line?
  22. What is the saying on the side of the truck the Joker uses to chase Harvey and the police?
  23. What does gordon say when they catch the Joker?
  24. What happens to the guy who tries to take Batman's mask off?
  25. What does the Joker call morals?
  26. Where does the Joker say Harvey is?
  27. And is Harvey really there?
  28. What does the Joker claim to enjoy?
  29. What does the Joker compare madness to?
  30. What building is the Joker in for the final showdown?
  31. What drink does Gordon like?
  32. And the hardest questions. Are you ready?
  33. When he threatens the mob boys, how many grenades is he wired to?
  34. What is the fake Batman's name who Joker interviews in his first video?
  35. Who are the two men that the Joker killed and left at the apartment?
  36. In the final scene, how many dogs does the joker have?
  37. Who is the man in the Joker's second video?
  38. What is the vote for blowing up the other ship?
  39. What name did the Joker use to buy an apartment?
  40. Around how many questions did you guess for or goof off for?

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