The Joker Quiz!!!!

Some people know batman, some know two-face, and even a few know the scarecrow, but do YOU know The Joker???? Take this 12 question quiz and find out!!!

So this is a simple, easy, look how smart I am quiz for some Joker fans, but for others its a challenge not everyone can live up too. Lets see which you are!

Created by: the joker
  1. During the movie 'The Dark Knight' theres a scene where the Joker is not in his usual get up. Whats he wearing and whats he doing?
  2. What is the name of the comic that explains the Jokers origin?
  3. In the movie 'The Dark Knight' The Joker Gives the mobsters a reason for why he wont kill the Batman. What is it?
  4. In The Dark Knight, what is The Joker's response to Batman telling him to let Racheal go?
  5. What comics does The Joker appear in?
  6. In The Dark Knight, what do most of the mobsters call The Joker?
  7. Which is true about The Joker (in the movies and/or comics)
  8. The Joker never says how he really got his scars in The Dark Knight
  9. Who plays The Joker in The Dark Knight?
  10. Who is The Joker?

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