How ME are YOU?!

You are you. I am me. Yes? Yes. BUT... How much alike ARE we? Could we be friends? And who AM I? Who are YOU? And could you about to be plunged into an existential crisis?

Well, perhaps not. But at least you're taking this awesome quiz! I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and only take it if you have A LOT of time on your hands, cuz it's 52 questions.

Created by: tazia101

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Appearance first. Hair color?
  2. Eye color?
  3. Favorites! Pick your favorite out of the options below. Food!
  4. Subject?
  5. Book?
  6. Brand.
  7. Game?
  8. Possesion.
  9. Music type.
  10. Book genre
  11. Color
  12. Element.
  13. Symbol.
  14. Candy/Chocolate bar!
  15. Greek Goddess(If you don't know, skip it.)
  16. Now I'll give you a scenario, and you have to pick what of the below would be your closest reaction. Your boyfriend just split up with you!
  17. Your parents divorced/split up.
  18. All the books in the world are ordered to be burned!
  19. You are hiking with your dad and a friend. They fall off a cliff, and you can only drag one to the hospital. Who do you take?
  20. You are driveing on icy roads. Suddenly, the light goes red! You are sliding, with only a little control. Ahead, the road branches. On one side, a single man is walking with the light. On the other side, a familly of 3 is jay-walking. You can hit A) The bad familly B) The good man, OR C) Hit the middle and kill yourself
  21. You have just bumped the most EXPENSIVE car you can think of (Lamborghini) and left a sizable scratch. You are sure noone saw it.
  22. Now, I'll say this or this, and you pick one. Good. Edward or Jacob?
  23. Wear skirt or pants?
  24. Date an emo or nerd boy?
  25. Have Vampires or Magic in the world?
  26. Pencil or pen?
  27. Write a poem or a story?
  28. Silvia Plath or EE. Cummings?
  29. Cat or dog?
  30. Chair or couch?
  31. Live in City or country?
  32. Party or book?
  33. Phone or email a friend?
  34. Cellphone or Ipod?
  35. Friend or boyfriend/girlfriend?
  36. Mac or PC?
  37. Milk or Dark chocolate?
  38. Shower or bath?
  39. Pop or juice?
  40. Milk or water?
  41. Mascara or Lip gloss?
  42. Attractive face or body?
  43. Long or short hair?
  44. Girly or Tomboy?
  45. Write or type?
  46. Sports or Gossip?
  47. Write or read?
  48. Lastly-- Truth or dare?

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