Why do people like you?

There are some people we know that we don't like, some we do. Well, there has to be an explanation to why you do or don't like them! Obviously, you can't just like a person for no reason. There's always a reason for everything, right?!

Why do people like YOU? What is special about you that makes people like you? Just answer 12 quick questions and my quiz will tell you why people enjoy being your friend or just having you around! Have fun!

Created by: Kacie
  1. Describe yourself honestly.
  2. Favorite music type?
  3. How many friends do you have?
  4. Favorite animal and why?
  5. What do you like to do for fun?
  6. Rate your looks on 1-10
  7. The neighborhood dog bit your finger fairly hard. What is your reaction?
  8. Did anyone ever say they didn't like you?
  9. What would your friend most likely ask you to help them with that you'd be able to help them with?
  10. Who's the perfect match for you?

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