How Strange Are You?

Strange Peope..I guess we are all strange at heart. But normal people don't see us that way. I guess we aren't understandable. If you think you are, we should unite to save all the bunnies of the world. Take this test, think it over, and answer truthfully about the bunnies.

Are YOU srange? Do you constantly think that you have to talk and talk and talk until you can't possibley talk any more? Well, you should take this quiz. Find out if you are STRANGE or a POSER!

Created by: emily

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  1. Do you find your self wearing very colorful knee high socks?
  2. Do you wear attention getting eye shadow?
  3. Do you talk alot?
  4. Do you wear Knee high socks with a skirt AND some flats??
  5. How often do you do your hair in liberty spikes???
  6. When was the last time you drew on your arm/hand/face/leg etc..
  7. Do you consider yourself strange?
  8. What is your opinion of Cows?
  9. How often do you draw random pictures?
  10. Has anyone ever told you that you are:

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Quiz topic: How Strange am I?