Reason (part 2)

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Sorry it took so long had some major writers block. now have fun with this one. it's a lot shorter than i though it would be, but it still has tons of info. so actually ready the questions.

Gr i don't have anything else to say... oh um... i forgot. so again please enjoy Reason (part 2). Luke isn't mentioned in this one but he is still a result. P.S. i have a few spelling errors in the results so yea sorry.

Created by: xforgetXmex
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  1. So recap... Luke left your room and your father came in. When you father gets to your room he beats you mercilessly. it's over in about thirty minutes. what do you do?
  2. So you go to your tree (sorry had to)and that's were Dillon and Seth find you. Dillon brings you applesauce the only thing you will eat. "I hate mom and dad" you tell them. Speaking more to Dillon the Seth. "I know that's why you are going to go stay at Seth's for the night." what is your reaction to that?
  3. Seth ends up caring you because you were to tired to walk there. when you get there he lays you down. do you fall asleep?
  4. This will be the last one that counts! this part wasn't as lengthy as I though. So you wake up at Seth's house and he seems on edge so you put in a movie and curl up with him and watch Freddy vs. Jason.
  5. I lied! forgive me please this one does count its just the last bit though. So Finally Seth tells you this: "I'm Nephilim, or a fallen angel, you are to. You became one after you tired to kill yourself.Luke hunts us. So i will be keeping a close eye on you from now on." how do you take that?
  6. THE REST DON'T COUNT. So do you like waffles?
  7. out of these what is you favorite?
  8. bunnies make rainbows in the dirt.
  9. do you like Nevershoutnever?
  10. the end!!!!!!!!!!!!! till next time!!!!!!!!! comment and rate if you want. Don't care if you do or not.

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