What kind of power would you like? and Why?

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Thread Topic: What kind of power would you like? and Why?

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    RainbowAP Newbie
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    Luna Siren Novice
    If you mean a superhero or something then I would choose:

    Power: Invisiblity + Telekinesis

    Weapon [if she has to use one]: Crossbow

    Outfit: white puffed sleeve shirt with a grey bow in the back, black short skirt (not too short xD), knee high boots [without heels], black mask [that only covers the eye area], light grey hood [goes down to my waist].

    I know the outfit's a bit messed up... But I get all my ideas from anime and superhero shows. xD
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    Luna Siren Novice
    I would choose it because its easy to sneak up on the enemy.
  • quizmasters Novice
    I would choose 3 things....

    1) A shoe by which I can go everywhere in this world without any transportation.
    2)A bowl in which i can get any food in this world without paying or cooking.
    3) A violin, when it played by me everyone who hear it will be stunned.

    Just like the famous bengali movie "Gupi Gaine Bagha Bine."
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    ICEE CHILL Advanced
    Imagine what I could do with invisibility..... >:P

    Why can't I just wear my normal clothes?

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