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  • Luna's Art Galaxy
    "I use a computer program. The program is called Medibang Paint and it's completely free. I used to use the program called Fire Alpaca, but I..."
  • Luna's Art Galaxy
    "Ahhhhhhh... Thank you! >////< It feels really nice to be told that I've improved. ^-^ But this applies to you as well. You've"
  • Luna's Art Galaxy
    " A picture of Hinoka that I did for a collab on"
  • Luna's Art Galaxy
  • Luna's Art Galaxy
    " Aurora Azran, the girl encased in ice. From Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. This is my most r"
  • Luna's Planetarium
    "It's too late to play Dangan Ronpa or Ace Attorney Investigations. It's sort of too late to play Professor Layton. I could pla"
  • Luna's Planetarium
    "...I need to reply to soaps. Eventually... ...What should I do right now...? I have nothing that I really want to do. M"
  • Soap~
    "Sorry that I took so long to post this. I ended up falling asleep before I could. ^^' So for a plot, what genres do you like?"
  • Luna's Planetarium
    "phone - 1 nose - 0 It does though... it's dulled a bit, but it still hurts a little."
  • ???
    "20 episodes left. Then a bunch of manga chapters. :'D Haha, yeah. That would throw me off too. XD"
  • ???
    "I need to read the manga. I'm working on watching the anime at the moment. Apparently the anime ended around chapter 130-ish (I forge"
  • Luna's Planetarium
    "Oops. I dropped my phone on my face. My nose hurts now."
  • ???
    "YOU WATCH IT HEPH?! But yep, D.Gray-Man Hallow is the official title. It's going to be continuing where the first anime left "
  • Soap
    "(Ah... I'm sorry to interrupt now... D': Would you like me to make a thread?)"
  • Luna's Planetarium

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