Name The Punctuation Mark.

Nowadays, grammar is an important subject. Yet, many are poor in it, it is preferable to study grammar. Grammar has many parts, one of them is punctuation. To check your knowledge, take this quiz.

Do you know these punctuation marks? If you want the answer of this question, take the quiz. I did not gave all the marks. Only few are here. Are you good in it? Take this quiz.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Punctuation Mark: "."
  2. Punctuation Mark: "?"
  3. Punctuation Mark: ":"
  4. Punctuation Mark: ";"
  5. Punctuation Mark: "_"
  6. Punctuation Mark: "*"
  7. Punctuation Mark: " " "
  8. Punctuation Mark: ","
  9. Punctuation Mark: " ' "
  10. The quiz finished.

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