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Young Justice follows the lives of teenaged heroes and sidekicks who are members of a covert operation group called The Team. The Team is essentially a young counterpart to the famous adult team, the Justice League.

With that said... How much do you really know about the show Young Justice? Did you pay attention to detail? Or the most noticeable things? Hope you like the quiz!

Created by: Luna Siren

  1. Who were the first 4 people we met?
  2. In which episode did we find Superboy?
  3. What episode was Miss Martian's first major role in?
  4. What was M'gaan's (Miss Martian's) first mistake?
  5. Who was Kid Flash's crush?
  6. How was Artemis introduced to the team?
  7. Where did Artemis really live?
  8. What was Artemis hiding from the team?
  9. Who is Aqua Lad's love interest?
  10. Full in the blanks: "Superboy is dating ______, much to _____'s dismay.
  11. Which episode did Zatanna first make an apearence in?
  12. Which member of The Team have I not mentioned?
  13. Is Miss Martian a green Martian or a white Martian?
  14. Who's camouflage suit change is most noticeable?
  15. Who was the most unexpected couple in this season? (According to polls)
  16. What holiday was it in the last episode of season 1?
  17. BONUS QUESTION: What is the next season called?

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