How much do you know about the Disney movie-Frozen?

There are many smart people and very... umm... the opposite of smart people. But there are also very close movie watchers. Can you get a A+ on this test?

Are YOU a Frozen Fan? Are you a close movie watcher? Do you have what it takes to get an A+ on this test?? Please make sure that you ain't cheating! WARNING these questions are tuff!!

Created by: Frozen Fan

  1. What powers did Elsa have?
  2. Who healed Anna after Elsa accidently froze her head?
  3. Elsa's worst enemy is... (hint: after Anna heald her head)
  4. How did Elsa's parents die?
  5. Who became queen?
  6. Elsa ran away because...
  7. Elsa's hair was naturally what color? (this is tricky)
  8. Elsa accidently froze Anna's body parts how many times and which body part?
  9. What was the only was to un-freeze Anna when Elsa accidently froze her twice?
  10. Olaf is a...
  11. What was the giant monster's name that Elsa created?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Disney movie-Frozen?