Frozen,how much do you know

Do you want to see if you are a frozen expert?well sorry can't help you there but I can see if you know a few small details in the awesomest Disney movie ever.(no cheating!)

Do you know some things about Disney Frozen?see if you know these things about frozen maybe you will be great or not so great do you want to figure out

Created by: Kt

  1. First off who is Elsa?
  2. Who is Anna,Kristoph,Sven,and Olaf?
  3. Who is the bad guy?
  4. Who can make snow?
  5. When did it come out?
  6. Where did it take place?
  7. Who played Elsa?
  8. If you estamaite how many running time is it in minutes?
  9. What is the first song?
  10. Is frozen a movie?

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Quiz topic: Frozen,how much do I know