How Well Do You Know Frozen?

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Answer the questions and see if you are the master of the movie Frozen. You can do it. If you fail it's okay, but try harder next time. You will get to the top.

If you are a Disney expert who can answer any question about any movie, song or anything, try this quiz. See how you on these questions and determine if you know the Frozen movie.

Created by: macartney scott
  1. Which Hans Christian Andersen story is Frozen inspired by?
  2. Early in the creative process, before her final look was decided, designers considered giving Elsa what unique trait?
  3. The visual look of Frozen is primarily influenced by what part of the world?
  4. Which of the following is not an ingredient for the icy force described in the song "Frozen Heart"?
  5. Where on her head does Anna develop a white streak of hair after Elsa's powers first touch her?
  6. The daughters of which Frozen crew member(s) can be heard on the film's official soundtrack as young Anna and Elsa?
  7. This is the second animated Disney musical in the director's chair for co-director Chris Buck. Which other film did he direct?
  8. Frozen's director/screenwriter Jennifer Lee wrote what other Walt Disney Animation Studios film?
  9. Which character in the film comes up with the phrase "I like warm hugs"?
  10. What is the design of Anna & Elsa's family's crest?
  11. When Anna and Elsa open up their kingdom for Elsa's coronation, there's a famous Disney Princess among the many guests in attendance. Which Princess is it?
  12. What is the name of the software that Frozen's creative team invented to create realistic snow?
  13. How many salad plates do Anna & Elsa own?
  14. How does the Duke of Weselton describe his dancing style?
  15. Where does Elsa create her ice palace?
  16. Who convinces Kristoff to go back and help Arendelle?
  17. Whose true love finally saves Anna's life from a cold and icy fate?

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