How Well do you know the Cinderella Movie

There are only few people who really know about the first made Cinderella movie. The movie was made in 1967, by Walt Disney himself! It was aworded the golden star movie of the year in 1970. Many generations have and will make Cinderella and many more disney movies a part of their lives.

How well do you know the movie? How well did you pay attention to the little details in the movie? Cinderella is a classical. And you'd be a fool not to know at least one of these questions. So, come on! Do have what it takes!

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  1. What does Cinderella say a dream is?
  2. What is Gus' real name?
  3. What does Gus think of Lussifer the cat when he first sees him?
  4. What does Bruno the dog gream about in the kitchen?
  5. What does Cinderella say the best feature of the cat is?
  6. What does the king throw a Ball for?
  7. What does the king throw out the window during his tantrum?
  8. What song does Dressella sing during music lessons?
  9. Who did the Pink dress belong to before Cinderella?
  10. Who was Cinderella's coach driver?

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